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Below you will find a list of organizations within LHGNW.  Each unit brings its own personality and persona to the hobby.  If you are interested in a particular unit, please click the links below to be taken to that page to learn more about that group.


113th Cavalry LHG

Our organization participates in Living History events and reenactments as American reconnaissance troops during WW2. The mission of our organization is to remember and pay tribute to all those who gave their lives for our freedom in WW2 and not let them be forgotten. These events are both private, and public for all to enjoy, learn, and remember that great generation.

Established to honor and remember WWII US Army Air Corps Veterans serving stateside and overseas from the air to the ground, the US Army Air Corps Living History Group (USAACLHG), a proud member of Living History Group Northwest, focuses Living History Impressions on and around the US Army Air Corps including pilots, bomber crews, ground crews & stateside training. The US Army Air Corps Living History Group attends Air Shows, Living History Events, Re-Enactments & events recognizing WWII in and around the Pacific Northwest.

US Army Air Corps LHG
8th I.D. Battalion Aid Station

Our organization portrays U.S. Medical Personal in the field during the Second World War. We hope to give the public an understanding and show the steps that sick, injured, and wounded had to go through to receive care behind the lines in the European theater of war.

WAC's of the %3341

This organizations goal is to outline what the women of the 3341 Signal Corp did during the Second World War.  This group was deployed to German Occupied Paris, France shortly after D-Day.  They were there for the duration of the War. They immediately went to work as telephone operators, typists, and clerks, working in tents, cellars, prefabricated huts, and mobile switchboard trailers. 

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